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Cheng, Z R and O'Connor, E A and Jia, Q and Demmers, T G M and Wathes, C M and Wathes, D C (2014) Chronic ammonia exposure does not influence hepatic gene expression in growing pigs. Animal, 8 (2). pp. 331-337.


Haesler, B and Cornelsen, L and Bennani, H and Rushton, J (2014) A review of the metrics for one health benefits. REVUE SCIENTIFIQUE ET TECHNIQUE DE L OFFICE INTERNATIONAL DES EPIZOOTIES, 33 (2). pp. 453-464.

Haesler, B and Hiby, E and Gilbert, W H and Obeyesekere, N and Bennani, H and Rushton, J (2014) A One Health Framework for the Evaluation of Rabies Control Programmes: A Case Study from Colombo City, Sri Lanka. PLOS NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES, 8 (10). e3270.

Horseman, S V and Roe, E J and Huxley, J N and Bell, N J and Mason, C S and Whay, H R (2014) The use of in-depth interviews to understand the process of treating lame dairy cows from the farmers' perspective. ANIMAL WELFARE, 23 (2). pp. 157-165.


Jackson, E L and Rushton, J and Haesler, B (2014) Economics of animal health. International Animal Health Industry, 1 (1). pp. 22-24.


Kairu-Wanyoike, S W and Kaitibie, S and Heffernan, C and Taylor, N M and Gitau, G K and Kiara, H and McKeever, D (2014) Willingness to pay for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia vaccination in Narok South District of Kenya. PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE, 115 (3-4). pp. 130-142.

Kairu-Wanyoike, S W and Kiara, H and Heffernan, C and Kaitibie, S and Gitau, G K and McKeever, D and Taylor, N M (2014) Control of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia: knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and practices in Narok district of Kenya. PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE, 115 (3-4). pp. 143-56.


Linharattanaruksa, P and Srisuwatanasagul, S and Ponglowhapan, S and Khalid, M and Chatdarong, K (2014) Collagen and Glycosaminoglycan Profiles in the Canine Cervix during Different Stages of the Estrous Cycle and in Open- and Closed-Cervix Pyometra. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY MEDICAL SCIENCE, 76 (2). pp. 197-203.


McCarthy, A J and Loeffler, A and Witney, A A and Gould, K A and Lloyd, D H and Lindsay, J A (2014) Extensive Horizontal Gene Transfer during Staphylococcus aureus Co-colonization In Vivo. Genome Biology and Evolution, 6 (10). pp. 2697-2708.


Pascual-Linaza, A V and Martinez-Lopez, B and Pfeiffer, D U and Carlos Moreno, J and Sanz, C and Manuel Sanchez-Vizcaino, J (2014) Evaluation of the spatial and temporal distribution of and risk factors for Bluetongue serotype 1 epidemics in sheep Extremadura (Spain), 2007-2011. PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE, 116 (3). pp. 279-295.

Pollott, G E and Wilson, K and Jerram, L and Fowkes, R C and Lawson, C (2014) A noninvasive method for measuring mammary apoptosis and epithelial cell activation in dairy animals using microparticles extracted from milk. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 97. pp. 5017-5022.

Postma, M and Sjoelund, M and Collineau, L and Loesken, S and Staerk, K D C and Dewulf, J (2014) Assigning defined daily doses animal: a European multi-country experience for antimicrobial products authorized for usage in pigs. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.


Raboisson, D and Waret-Szkuta, A, Rushton, J and Haesler, B and Alarcon, P (2014) Application of integrated production and economic models to estimate the impact of Schmallenberg virus for various beef suckler production systems in France and the United Kingdom. BMC Veterinary Research, 10 (258).

Romanov, M N and Farré, M and Lithgow, P E and Fowler, K E and Skinner, B M and O'Connor, R and Fonseka, G and Backstrom, N and Matsuda, Y and Nishida, C and Houde, P and Jarvis, E D and Ellegren, H and Burt, D W and Larkin, D M and Griffin, D K (2014) Reconstruction of gross avian genome structure, organization and evolution suggests that the chicken lineage most closely resembles the dinosaur avian ancestor. BMC Genomics, 15.

Rushton, J and Ferreira, J P and Staerk, K D C (2014) Antimicrobial Resistance: the use of antimicrobials in the Livestock Sector. OECD Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Papers.


Staerk, K D C and Alonso, S and Dadios, N and Dupuy, C and Ellerbroek, L and Georgiev, M and Hardstaff, J and Huneau-Salaun, A and Laugier, C and Mateus, A L P and Nigsch, A and Afonso, A and Lindberg, A (2014) Strengths and weaknesses of meat inspection as a contribution to animal health and welfare surveillance. Food Control, 39. pp. 154-162.

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