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Akhter, S and Rakha, B A and Ansari, M S and Husna, A U and Iqbal, S and Khalid, M. (2017) Evaluation of Quail and Turkey egg yolk for cryopreservation of Nili-Ravi Buffalo bull semen. THERIOGENOLOGY, 87. pp. 259-265.

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Azam, A and Shahzad, Q and Ul-Husna, A and Qadee, S and Ejaz, R and Fouladi-Nashta, A A and Khalid, M and Ullah, N and Akhtar, T and Akhter, S (2017) Supplementing a-Linolenic acid in the in vitro maturation media improves nuclear maturation rate of oocytes and early embryonic development in the Nili Ravi buffalo. ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE, 14 (4). pp. 1161-119.

Borchers, M R and Chang, Y M and Proudfoot, K L and Wadsworth, B A and Stone, A E and Bewley, J M (2017) Machine-learning-based calving prediction from activity, lying, and ruminating behaviors in dairy cattle. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE. pp. 5664-5674. ISSN 0022-0302

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Chen, X and Zhang, S and Cheng, Z R and Cooke, J S and Werling, D and Wathes, D C and Pollott, G E (2017) Polymorphisms in the selectin gene cluster are associated with fertility and survival time in a population of Holstein Friesian cows. PLoS One, 12 (4).

Cheng, Z R and Chauhan, L and Barry, A T and Abudureyimu, A and Oguejiofor, C F and Chen, X and Wathes, D C (2017) Acute BVDV infection inhibits expression of interferon-stimulated genes during pregnancy recognition in bovine endometrium. BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION, 96 (6). pp. 1142-1152.

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Dorey, L and Pelligand, L and Cheng, Z R and Lees, P (2017) Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic integration and modelling of oxytetracycline for the porcine pneumonia pathogens Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Pasteurella multocida. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY PHARMACOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS, 40 (5). pp. 505-516.

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Manning, A D and Mahendran, S A and Hurst, B S and Blackmore, T L and Bell, N J (2017) Effect of a prewash on footbath contamination: a randomised control trial. VETERINARY RECORD, 180 (5). p. 121.

Marei, W F A and Wathes, D C and Raheem, K A and Mohey-Elsaeed, O and Ghafari, F and Fouladi-Nashta, A A (2017) Influence of hyaluronan on endometrial receptivity and embryo attachment in sheep. Reproduction Fertility and Development, 29 (9). pp. 1763-1773.

Mehl, N S and Khalid, M and Srisuwatanasagul, S and Swangchan-Uthai, T and Sirivaidyapong, S (2017) Comparison of the ovarian and uterine reproductive parameters, and the ovarian mRNA and protein expression of LHR and FSHR between the prepubertal and adult female cats. REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS, 52. pp. 41-43.

Mehl, N S and Srisuwatanasagul, S and Swangchan-Uthai, T and Sirivaidyapong, S and Khalid, M (2017) GnRH-agonist implants suppress reproductive function and affects ovarian LHR and FSHR expression in prepubertal female cats. Theriogenology, 87. pp. 250-258.

Newsome, R F and Green, M J and Bell, N J and Bollard, N J and Mason, C S and Whay, H R and Huxley, J N (2017) A prospective cohort study of digital cushion and corium thickness. Part 2: Does thinning of the digital cushion and corium lead to lameness and claw horn disruption lesions? JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 100 (6). pp. 4759-4771.

Oguejiofor, C F and Cheng, Z R and Fouladi-Nashta, A A and Wathes, D C (2017) Bovine Endometrial Cells Mount Innate Immune Response to the Intracellular Ligands CL097 and Poly(dA:dT) Indicating Roles against Uterine Viruses. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 7 (2).

Proskuryakova, A A and Kulemzina, A I and Perelman, P L and Makunin, I A and Larkin, D M and Farré, M and Kukekova, V A and Lynn Johnson, J and Lemskaya, A N and Beklemisheva, R V and Roelke-Parker, E M and Bellizzi, J and Ryder, A O and O’Brien, J S and Graphodatsky, S A (2017) X Chromosome Evolution in Cetartiodactyla. Genes, 8 (9). p. 216.

Rose, B V and Firth, M J and Morris, B and Roach, J M and Wathes, D C and Verheyen, K L P and De Mestre, A M (2017) Descriptive study of current therapeutic practices, clinical reproductive findings and incidence of pregnancy loss in intensively managed thoroughbred mares. ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE, 188. pp. 74-84.

Roura, M and Catalá, M G and Soto-Heras, S and Hammami, S and Izquierdo, D and Fouladi-Nashta, A A and Paramio, M T (2017) Linoleic (LA) and linolenic (ALA) acid concentrations in follicular fluid of prepubertal goats and their effect on oocyte in vitro maturation and embryo development. Reproduction Fertility and Development, 30 (2). pp. 286-296.

Soto-Heras, S and Roura, M and Catalá, M G and Menéndez-Blanco, I and Izquierdo, D and Fouladi-Nashta, A A and Paramio, M T (2017) Beneficial effects of melatonin on in vitro embryo production from juvenile goat oocytes. Reproduction Fertility and Development.

Yan, B and Wang, D and Dong, S and Cheng, Z R and Na, L and Sang, M and Yang, H and Yang, Z and Zhang, S and Yan, Z (2017) Palmatine inhibits TRIF-dependent NF-kB pathway against inflammation induced by LPS in goat endometrial epithelial cells. International Immunopharmacology, 45. pp. 194-200.

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Zhang, S-D and Dong, S-W and Wang, D-S and Oguejiofor, C F and Fouladi-Nashta, A A and Yang, Z Q and Yan, Z-T (2017) Differential proteomic profiling of endometrium and plasma indicate the importance of hydrolysis in bovine endometritis. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 100 (11). pp. 9324-9337.

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