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Akbareian, S E and Pitsillides, A A and Fowkes, R C and McGonnell, I M (2011) LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD; DEVELOPMENT OF CRANIAL FORAMINA IN THE CHICK EMBRYO. JOURNAL OF ANATOMY, 218 (3). p. 351.

Albarran-Portillo, B and Pollott, G E (2011) Environmental factors affecting lactation curve parameters in the United Kingdom's commercial dairy herds. Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria, 43 (2). pp. 145-153.

Boulton, A C and Rushton, J and Wathes, C M and Wathes, D C (2011) Past trends and future challenges for a sustainable UK dairy industry. Royal Agricultural Society of England Journal, 172.

Brickell, J S and Wathes, D C (2011) A descriptive study of the survival of Holstein-Friesian heifers through to third calving on English dairy farms. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 94 (4). pp. 1831-1838.

Cheng, Z R and Elmes, M J and Kirkup, S E and Abayasekara, D R E and Wathes, D C (2011) Effects of n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids on prostaglandin production in ovine fetal chorion cells in vitro in late gestation ewes. PLACENTA, 32 (10). pp. 752-756.

Clempson, A M and Pollott, G E and Brickell, J S and Bourne, N E and Munce, N and Wathes, D C (2011) Evidence that leptin genotype is associated with fertility, growth, and milk production in Holstein cows. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 94 (7). pp. 3618-3628.

Clempson, A M and Pollott, G E and Brickell, J S and Bourne, N E and Munce, N and Wathes, D C (2011) Polymorphisms in the autosomal genes for mitochondrial function TFAM and UCP2 are associated with performance and longevity in dairy cows. Animal, 5 (9). pp. 1335-1343.

Elmes, M J and Tan, D S and Cheng, Z R and Wathes, D C and McMullen, S (2011) The effects of a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet on markers of uterine contractility during parturition in the rat. REPRODUCTION, 141 (2). pp. 283-290.

Fragkou, I A and Gougoulis, D A and Billinis, C and Mavrogianni, V S and Bushnell, M J and Cripps, P J and Tzora, A and Fthenakis, G C (2011) Transmission of Mannheimia haemolytica from the tonsils of lambs to the teat of ewes during sucking. VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY, 148 (1). pp. 66-74.

Gallet, C and Dupont, J and Campbell, B K and Monniaux, D and Guillaume, D and Scaramuzzi, R J (2011) The infusion of glucose in ewes during the luteal phase increases the number of follicles but reduces oestradiol production and some correlates of metabolic function in the large follicles. ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE, 127 (3-4). pp. 154-163.

Johnson, K F and Burn, C C and Wathes, D C (2011) Rates and risk factors for contagious disease and mortality in young dairy heifers. CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources, 6 (59). pp. 1-10.

Marei, W F A and Wathes, D C and Fouladi-Nashta, A A (2011) Differential effects of linoleic and alpha-linolenic fatty acids on spatial and temporal mitochondrial distribution and activity in bovine oocytes. Reproduction Fertility and Development, 24 (5). pp. 679-690.

Moustafa, A and Sugiyama, T and Prasad, J and Zaman, G and Gross, TS and Lanyon, L E and Price, J S (2011) Mechanical loading-related changes in osteocyte sclerostin expression in mice are more closely associated with the subsequent osteogenic response than the peak strains engendered. OSTEOPOROSIS INTERNATIONAL, 23 (41). pp. 1225-1234.

Pollott, G E (2011) A suggested mode of inheritence for wool shedding in sheep. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 89 (8). pp. 2316-25.

Swangchan-Uthai, T and Walsh, S W and Alexander, S L H and Cheng, Z R and Crowe, M A and Evans, A C O and Wathes, D C (2011) Comparison of mRNA for IGFs and their binding proteins in the oviduct during the peri-oestrous period between dairy heifers and lactating cows. REPRODUCTION, 142 (3). pp. 457-465.

Swangchan-Uthai, T and Walsh, S W and Alexander, S L H and Cheng, Z R and Crowe, M and Evans, A C O and Wathes, D C (2011) Comparison between dairy heifers and lactating cows of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system in the oviduct during the perioestrous period. REPRODUCTION, 142. pp. 457-465.

Tiezzi, F and Maltecca, C and Penasa, M and Cecchinato, A and Chang, Y M and Bittante, G (2011) Genetic analysis of fertility in the Italian Brown Swiss population using different models and trait definitions. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 94 (12). pp. 6162-6172.

Wathes, D C and Cheng, Z R and Fenwick, M A and Fitzpatrick, R and Patton, J (2011) Influence of energy balance on the somatotrophic axis and matrix metalloproteinase expression in the endometrium of the postpartum dairy cow. REPRODUCTION, 141 (2). pp. 269-281.

Conference or Workshop Item

Fishwick, J C (2011) Welfare Issues Associated with Calving. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Pollott, G E (2011) Do Holstein lactations of varied lengths have different characteristics? UNSPECIFIED.

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