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Banos, G and Bramis, G and Bush, S J and Clark, E L and McCulloch, M E B and Smith, J and Schulze, G and Arsenos, G and Hume, D A and Psifidi, A (2017) The genomic architecture of mastitis resistance in dairy sheep. BMC Genomics, 18. p. 624.

Benchekroun, G and Desquilbet, L and Herrtage, M E and Jeffery, N D and Rosenberg, D and Granger, N (2017) Dogs with macroadenomas have lower body temperature and heart rate than dogs with microadenomas. VETERINARY JOURNAL, 227. pp. 42-45. ISSN 1090-0233


Carwardine, D and Prager, J and Neeves, J and Muir, E M and Uney, J and Granger, N and Wong, L F (2017) Transplantation of canine olfactory ensheathing cells producing chondroitinase ABC promotes chondroitin sulphate proteoglycan digestion and axonal sprouting following spinal cord injury. PLoS One, 12 (12).


Doodnaught, G M and Monteiro, B P and Benito, J and Edge, D and Beaudry, F and Pelligand, L and Steagall, P (2017) Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling after subcutaneous, intravenous and buccal administration of a high-concentration formulation of buprenorphine in conscious cats. PLoS One, 12 (4). w0176443.

Dorey, L and Hobson, S and Lees, P (2017) What is the true in vitro potency of oxytetracycline for the pig pneumonia pathogens Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Pasteurella multocida? JOURNAL OF VETERINARY PHARMACOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS, 40 (5). pp. 517-529.


Georgakopoulos, N D and Wells, G and Campanella, M (2017) The pharmacological regulation of cellular mitophagy. Nature Chemical Biology, 13. pp. 136-146.

Gostelow, R, Scudder, C and Keyte, S and Forcada, Y and Fowkes, R C and Schmid, H A and Church, D B and Niessen, S J M (2017) Pasireotide Long-Acting Release Treatment for Diabetic Cats with Underlying Hypersomatotropism. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY INTERNAL MEDICINE, 31 (2). pp. 355-364.


Lees, P and Chambers, D and Pelligand, L and Toutain, P L and Whiting, M and Whitehead, M L (2017) Comparison of veterinary drugs and veterinary homeopathy: part 1. VETERINARY RECORD, 181 (7). pp. 170-176.


Murray, J K and Casey, R A and Gale, E and Buffington, C A T and Roberts, C and Kinsman, R H and Gruffydd-Jones, T J (2017) Cohort Profile: The 'Bristol Cats Study' (BCS)-a birth cohort of kittens owned by UK households. International Journal of Epidemiology, 46 (6). 1749+.


O'Kell, A L and Wasserfall, C and Catchpole, B and Davison, L J and Hess, R S and Kushner, J A and Atkinson, M A (2017) Comparative Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Diabetes in Humans, NOD Mice, and Canines: Has a Valuable Animal Model of Type 1 Diabetes Been Overlooked? DIABETES, 66 (6). pp. 1443-1452.


Packer, R M A and Lucas, R and Volk, H A (2017) Owner perception of focal seizures in canine epilepsy. VETERINARY RECORD, 180 (6). p. 150.


Robinson, R L and Borer-Weir, K E (2017) Anesthesia Case of the Month. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, 250 (2). pp. 169-172.

Rubio, C P and Martínez-Subiela, S and Hernández-Ruiz, J and Tvarijonaviciute, A and Cerón, J J and Allenspach, K (2017) Serum biomarkers of oxidative stress in dogs with idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease. VETERINARY JOURNAL, 221. pp. 56-61.


Stathopoulou, T-R and Kouki, M and Pypendop, B H and Johnston, A and Papadimitriou, S and Pelligand, L (2017) Evaluation of analgesic effect and absorption of buprenorphine after buccal administration in cats with oral disease. JOURNAL OF FELINE MEDICINE AND SURGERY, 20 (8). pp. 704-710.

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