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Bailey, S R and Rycroft, A N and Elliott, J (2002) Production of amines in equine cecal contents in an in vitro model of carbohydrate overload. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 80 (10). pp. 2656-2662.

Becher, P and Thiel, H R and Collins, M E and Brownlie, J and Orlich, M (2002) Cellular sequences in pestivirus genomes encoding gamma-aminobutyric acid (A) receptor-associated protein and Golgi-associated ATPase enhancer of 16 kilodaltons. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, 76 (24). pp. 13069-13076.

Bossé, J T and Janson, H and Sheehan, B J and Beddek, AJ and Rycroft, A N and Kroll, J S and Langford, P R (2002) Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae: pathobiology and pathogenesis of infection. MICROBES AND INFECTION, 4 (2). pp. 225-235.

Catchpole, B and Gould, S M and Kellett-Gregory, L M and Dobson, J M (2002) Immunosuppressive cytokines in the regional lymph node of a dog suffering from oral malignant melanoma. JOURNAL OF SMALL ANIMAL PRACTICE, 43 (10). pp. 464-467.

Catchpole, B and Hamblin, A S and Staines, N A (2002) Autologous mixed lymphocyte responses in experimentally-induced arthritis of the Lewis rat. AUTOIMMUNITY, 35 (2). pp. 111-117.

Catchpole, B and Stell, A J and Dobson, J M (2002) Generation of blood-derived dendritic cells in dogs with oral malignant melanoma. JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY, 126 (2-3). pp. 238-241.

Catchpole, B and Ward, F J and Hamblin, A S and Staines, N A (2002) Autoreactivity in collagen-induced arthritis of rats: a potential role for T cell responses to self MHC peptides. JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY, 18 (4). pp. 271-280.

Davison, L J and Podd, S L and Ristic, J M E and Herrtage, M E and Parnham, A and Catchpole, B (2002) Evaluation of two point-of-care analysers for measurement of fructosamine or haemoglobin A1c in dogs. JOURNAL OF SMALL ANIMAL PRACTICE, 43 (12). pp. 526-532.

Davison, L and Catchpole, B and Herrtage, M and Church, D B (2002) Research into canine diabetes mellitus. VETERINARY RECORD, 150 (11). p. 356.

El-Attar, L M R and Dhaliwal, W and Iturriza-Gomara, M and Bridger, J C (2002) Identification and molecular characterization of a bovine G3 rotavirus which causes age-independent diarrhea in cattle. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY, 40 (3). pp. 937-942.

Fox, M T and Uche, U E and Vaillant, C and Ganabadi, S and Calam, J (2002) Effects of Ostertagia ostertagi and omeprazole treatment on feed intake and gastrin-related responses in the calf. VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY, 105 (4). pp. 285-301.

Garside, L H and Collins, M and Langford, P R and Rycroft, A N (2002) Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 1 carrying the defined aroA mutation is fully avirulent in the pig. RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE, 72 (2). pp. 163-167.

Humphry, R and Blake, D P and Fenlon, D R and Horgan, G and Low, J and Gunn, G (2002) The quantitative measurement of antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli at the meta-population level (meta-population analysis). Acta Physiologica, 35 (4). pp. 326-330.

Kempster, S and Collins, M E and Brownlie, J (2002) Tat protein expression in MDBK cells does not confer susceptibility to bovine immunodeficiency virus - Brief report. ARCHIVES OF VIROLOGY, 147 (3). pp. 643-649.

Kendall, S L and Movahedzadeh, F and Wietzorrek, A and Stoker, N G (2002) Microarray analysis of bacterial gene expression: towards the regulome. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Moynihan, J S and Blair, J and Coombes, A and D'Mello, F and Howard, C R (2002) Enhanced immunogenicity of a hepatitis B virus peptide vaccine using oligosaccharide ester derivative microparticles. VACCINE, 20 (13-14). pp. 1870-1876.

Sheldon, I M and Noakes, D E and Rycroft, A N and Dobson, H (2002) Effect of postpartum manual examination of the vagina on uterine bacterial contamination in cows. VETERINARY RECORD, 151 (18). pp. 531-534.

Sheldon, I M and Noakes, D E and Rycroft, A N and Pfeiffer, D U and Dobson, H (2002) Influence of uterine bacterial contamination after parturition on ovarian dominant follicle selection and follicle growth and function in cattle. REPRODUCTION, 123 (6). pp. 837-845.

Vecchione, A and Catchpole, B and D'Mello, F and Kanellos, T and Hamblin, A (2002) Modulating immune responses with dendritic cells: an attainable goal in veterinary medicine? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Werling, D and Collins, R A and Taylor, G and Howard, C J (2002) Cytokine responses of bovine dendritic cells and T cells following exposure to live or inactivated bovine respiratory syncytial virus. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 72 (2). pp. 297-304.

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