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Al-Agele, R and Paul, E and Taylor, S and Watson, C and Sturrock, C and Drakopoulos, M and Atwood, R C and Rutland, C S and Menzies-Gow, N J and Knowles, E and Elliott, J and Harris, P and Rauch, C (2019) Physics of Animal Health: On the mechano-biology of hoof growth and form. JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY INTERFACE, 16 (155).

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Betts, C A and McClorey, G and Healicon, R and Hammond, S M and Manzano, R and Muses, S and Ball, V and Godfrey, C and Merritt, T M and Westering, T and O'Donovan, L and Wells, K E and Gait, M J and Wells, D J and Tyler, D and Wood, M J (2019) Cmah-dystrophin deficient mdx mice display an accelerated cardiac phenotype that is improved following peptide-PMO exon skipping treatment. HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS, 28 (3). pp. 396-406.

Bishop, P J (2019) Testing the function of dromaeosaurid (Dinosauria, Theropoda) 'sickle claws' through musculoskeletal modelling and optimization. PeerJ. e7577.

Bishop, P J and Scofield, R P and Hocknull, S A (2019) The architecture of cancellous bone in the hindlimb of moa (Aves: Dinornithiformes), with implications for stance and gait. ALCHERINGA.

Boström, A and Channon, S B and Jokinen, T S and Junnila, J and Hielm-Bjorkman, A K and Laitinen-Vapaavuori, O (2019) Structural characteristics and predicted functional capacities of epaxial muscles in chondrodystrophic and non-chondrodystrophic dogs with and without suspected intervertebral disc herniation- a preliminary study. RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE, 123. pp. 204-215.

Bradley, R and Tagkopoulos, I and Kim, M and Kokkinos, Y and Panagiotakos, T and Kennedy, J and De Meyer, G and Watson, P and Elliott, J (2019) Predicting early risk of chronic kidney disease in cats using routine clinical laboratory tests and machine learning. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Broussou, D C and Toutain, P-L and Woehrlé, F and El Garch, F and Bousquet-Mélou, A and Ferran, A A (2019) Comparison of in vitro static and dynamic assays to evaluate the efficacy of an antimicrobial drug combination against Staphylococcus aureus. PLoS One, 14 (1). e0211214.

Butler, M B and Short, N E and Maniou, E and Alexandre, P and Greene, N D E and Copp, A J and Galea, G L (2019) Rho kinase-dependent apical constriction counteracts M-phase apical expansion to enable mouse neural tube closure. Journal of Cell Science, 132 (13).

Campbell, M L H and Peachey, L and Callan, L J and Wathes, D C and De Mestre, A M (2019) Cyclical cervical function in the mare involves remodelling of collagen content, which is correlated with modification of oestrogen. ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE, 210.

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Cheney, J A and Stevenson, J P J and Durston, N E and Usherwood, J R and Bomphrey, R J and Windsor, S P (2019) Avian gust rejection in gliding flight through updrafts. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 59. E36.

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Cho, H and Yadav, A K and Do, Y and Heo, M and Bishop-Bailey, D and Lee, J and Jang, B C (2019) Anti-survival and pro-apoptotic effects of meridianin C derivatives on MV4-11 human acute myeloid leukemia cells. International Journal of Oncology, 56 (1). pp. 368-378.

Clark, J N and Garbout, A and Ferreira, S A and Javaheri, B and Pitsillides, A A and Rankin, S M and Jeffers, J R T and Hansen, U (2019) Propagation phase-contrast micro-computed tomography allows laboratory-based three-dimensional imaging of articular cartilage down to the cellular level. OSTEOARTHRITIS AND CARTILAGE, 28. pp. 102-111.

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Collings, A J and Richards, C T (2019) Digital dissection of the pelvis and hindlimb of the red-legged running frog, Phlyctimantis maculatus, using Diffusible Iodine Contrast Enhanced computed microtomography (DICE µCT). PeerJ, 7. e7003.

Concordet, D and Gandia, P and Montastruc, J L and Bousquet-Mélou, A and Lees, P and Ferran, A and Toutain, P L (2019) Authors' Reply to Coste et al.: "Levothyrox® New and Old Formulations: Are they Switchable for Millions of Patients?". Clinical Pharmacokinetics.

Concordet, D and Gandia, P and Montastruc, J L and Bousquet-Mélou, A and Lees, P and Ferran, A and Toutain, P L (2019) Levothyrox® new and old formulations: are they switchable for millions of patients? Clinical Pharmacokinetics.

Concordet, D and Gandia, P and Montastruc, J-L and Bousquet-Mélou, A and Lees, P and Ferran, A A and Toutain, P-L (2019) Why Were More Than 200 Subjects Required to Demonstrate the Bioequivalence of a New Formulation of Levothyroxine with an Old One? Clinical Pharmacokinetics, 59. pp. 1-5.

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Crossfield, L and Fortuna, L and Carling, R and Scurrell, E and Matas Riera, M and Chang, Y M and Dawson, C and Pittaway, R and Yeung, I Y L and Thaung, C and Priestnall, S L and Garden, O A (2019) Immunohistochemical characterization of feline lymphoplasmacytic anterior uveitis. VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGY, 22 (2). pp. 206-212.

Cuff, A R and Daley, M A and Michel, K B and Allen, V R and Lamas, L P and Adami, C and Monticelli, P and Pelligand, L and Hutchinson, J R (2019) Relating neuromuscular control to functional anatomy of limb muscles in extant archosaurs. JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY, 280 (5). pp. 666-680.

Curtin, N A and Woledge, R C and West, T G and Goodwin, D and Piercy, R J and Wilson, A M (2019) Energy turnover in mammalian skeletal muscle in contractions mimicking locomotion: effects of stimulus pattern on work, impulse and energetic cost and efficiency. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY, 222.

D'Anselme, O and Pelligand, L and Veres-Nyeki, K O and Zaccagnini, A and Zilberstein, L (2019) Analysis of teaching methods in anaesthesia in the undergraduate curriculum of 4 veterinary universities. (In Press)

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EL-Magd, M A and Elsayed, S A and El-Shetry, E S and Abdelfattah-Hassan, A and Saleh, A A and Allen, S and McGonnell, I M and Patel, K (2019) The role of chick Ebf genes in the mediolateral patterning of the somites. genesis: The Journal of Genetics and Development.

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Farré, M and Qiye, Li and Daroli, I and Zhou, Y and Damas, J and Proskuryakova, A A and Kulemzina, A I and Chemnick, L G and Kim, J and Ryder, O A and Ma, J and Graphodatsky, A S and Zhang, G and Larkin, D M and Lewin, H A (2019) An integrated chromosome-scale genome assembly of the Masai Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi). GigaScience, 8 (8).

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Fernández Robledo, J A and Yadavalli, R and Allam, B and Pales Espinosa, E and Gerdol, M and Greco, S and Stevick, R J and Gómez-Chiarri, M and Zhang, Y and Heil, C A and Tracy, A N and Bishop-Bailey, D and Metzger, M J (2019) From the raw bar to the bench: Bivalves as models for human health. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 92. pp. 260-282.

Gaede, A H and Gutierrez‐Ibanez, C and Armstrong, M S and Altshuler, D L and Wylie, D R (2019) Pretectal projections to the oculomotor cerebellum in hummingbirds ( Calypte anna ), zebra finches ( Taeniopygia guttata ), and pigeons ( Columba livia ). Journal of Comparative Neurology, 527 (16). pp. 2644-2658. ISSN 0021-9967

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