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Macharia, R G and Otto, A and Valasek, P and Patel, K (2010) Neuromuscular Junction Morphology, Fiber-Type Proportions, and Satellite-Cell Proliferation Rates are altered in Myod(-/-) Mice. MUSCLE & NERVE, 42 (1). pp. 38-52.

Otto, A and Macharia, R G and Matsakas, A and Valasek, P and Mankoo, B S and Patel, K (2010) A hypoplastic model of skeletal muscle development displaying reduced foetal myoblast cell numbers, increased oxidative myofibres and improved specific tension capacity. DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, 343 (1-2). pp. 51-62.

Otto, A and Schmidt, C and Luke, G and Allen, S P and Valasek, P and Muntoni, F and Lawrence-Watt, D and Patel, K (2008) Canonical Wnt signalling induces satellite-cell proliferation during adult skeletal muscle regeneration. Journal of Cell Science, 121 (17). pp. 2939-2950.

Valasek, P and Macharia, R G and Neuhuber, W L and Wilting, J and Becker, D L and Patel, K (2007) Lymph heart in chick - somitic origin, development and embryonic oedema. DEVELOPMENT, 134 (24). pp. 4427-4436.

Wilting, J and Aref, Y and Huang, R and Tomarev, S I and Schweigerer, L and Christ, B and Valasek, P and Papoutsi, M (2006) Dual origin of avian lymphatics. DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, 292 (1). pp. 165-173.

Nanka, O and Valasek, P and Dvotrakova, M and Grim, M (2006) Experimental hypoxia and embryonic angiogenesis. DEVELOPMENTAL DYNAMICS, 235 (3). pp. 723-733.

Schmidt, C U and Otto, A and Luke, G and Valasek, P and Otto, W R and Patel, K (2006) Expression and regulation of Nkd-1, an intracellular component of Wnt signalling pathway in the chick embryo. ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY, 211 (5). pp. 525-534.

Evans, D J R and Valasek, P and Schmidt, C and Patel, K (2006) Skeletal muscle translocation in vertebrates. ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY, 211 (1). S43-S50.

Valasek, P and Evans, D J R and Maina, F and Grim, M and Patel, K (2005) A dual fate of the hindlimb muscle mass: cloacal/perineal musculature develops from leg muscle cells. DEVELOPMENT, 132 (3). pp. 447-458.

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