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Lauring, Adam S. and Hill, Sarah C. and de Souza, Renato and Thézé, Julien and Claro, Ingra and Aguiar, Renato S. and Abade, Leandro and Santos, Fabiana C. P. and Cunha, Mariana S. and Nogueira, Juliana S. and Salles, Flavia C. S. and Rocco, Iray M. and Maeda, Adriana Y. and Vasami, Fernanda G. S. and du Plessis, Louis and Silveira, Paola P. and de Jesus, Jaqueline G. and Quick, Joshua and Fernandes, Natália C. C. A. and Guerra, Juliana M. and Réssio, Rodrigo A. and Giovanetti, Marta and Alcantara, Luiz C. J. and Cirqueira, Cinthya S. and Díaz-Delgado, Josué and Macedo, Fernando L. L. and Timenetsky, Maria do Carmo S. T. and de Paula, Regiane and Spinola, Roberta and Telles de Deus, Juliana and Mucci, Luís F. and Tubaki, Rosa Maria and de Menezes, Regiane M. T. and Ramos, Patrícia L. and de Abreu, Andre L. and Cruz, Laura N. and Loman, Nick and Dellicour, Simon and Pybus, Oliver G. and Sabino, Ester C. and Faria, Nuno R. (2020) Genomic Surveillance of Yellow Fever Virus Epizootic in São Paulo, Brazil, 2016 – 2018. PLOS Pathogens, 16 (8). e1008699. ISSN 1553-7374

Candido, Darlan S. and Claro, Ingra M. and de Jesus, Jaqueline G. and Souza, William M. and Moreira, Filipe R. R. and Dellicour, Simon and Mellan, Thomas A. and du Plessis, Louis and Pereira, Rafael H. M. and Sales, Flavia C. S. and Manuli, Erika R. and Thézé, Julien and Almeida, Luiz and Menezes, Mariane T. and Voloch, Carolina M. and Fumagalli, Marcilio J. and Coletti, Thaís M. and da Silva, Camila A. M. and Ramundo, Mariana S. and Amorim, Mariene R. and Hoeltgebaum, Henrique H. and Mishra, Swapnil and Gill, Mandev S. and Carvalho, Luiz M. and Buss, Lewis F. and Prete, Carlos A. and Ashworth, Jordan and Nakaya, Helder I. and Peixoto, Pedro S. and Brady, Oliver J. and Nicholls, Samuel M. and Tanuri, Amilcar and Rossi, Átila D. and Braga, Carlos K.V. and Gerber, Alexandra L. and de C. Guimarães, Ana AP and Gaburo, N and Alencar, CS and Ferreira, ACS and Lima, CX and Levi, JE and Granato, C and Ferreira, GM and Francisco, RS and Granja, F and Garcia, MT and Moretti, ML and Perroud, MW and Castiñeiras, TMPP and Lazari, CS and Hill, SC and de Souza Santos, A and Simeoni, CL and Forato, J and Sposito, AC and Schreiber, AZ and Santos, MNN and de Sá, CZ and Souza, RP and Resende-Moreira, LC and Teixeira, MM and Hubner, J and Leme, PAF and Moreira, RG and Nogueira, ML and Ferguson, NM and Costa, SF and Proenca-Modena, JL and Vasconcelos, ATR and Bhatt, S and Lemey, P and Wu, CH and Rambaut, A and Loman, NJ and Aguiar, RS and Pybus, OG and Sabino, EC and Faria, NR (2020) Evolution and epidemic spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Brazil. Science. eabd2161. ISSN 0036-8075

Hill, Sarah C and Vasconcelos, Jocelyne and Neto, Zoraima and Jandondo, Domingos and Zé-Zé, Líbia and Aguiar, Renato Santana and Xavier, Joilson and Thézé, Julien and Mirandela, Marinela and Micolo Cândido, Ana Luísa and Vaz, Filipa and Sebastião, Cruz dos Santos and Wu, Chieh-Hsi and Kraemer, Moritz U G and Melo, Adriana and Schamber-Reis, Bruno L F and de Azevedo, Girlene S and Tanuri, Amilcar and Higa, Luiza M and Clemente, Carina and da Silva, Sara Pereira and da Silva Candido, Darlan and Claro, Ingra M and Quibuco, Domingos and Domingos, Cristóvão and Pocongo, Bárbara and Watts, Alexander G and Khan, Kamran and Alcantara, Luiz Carlos Junior and Sabino, Ester C and Lackritz, Eve and Pybus, Oliver G and Alves, Maria-João and Afonso, Joana and Faria, Nuno R (2019) Emergence of the Asian lineage of Zika virus in Angola: an outbreak investigation. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 19 (10). pp. 1138-1147. ISSN 14733099

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