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Desai, R and East, D A and Hardy, L and Crosby, J and Rigon, M and Faccenda, D and Alvarez, M S and Singh, A and Mainenti, M and Hussey, L K and Bentham, R and Szabadkai, G and Zappulli, V and Dhoot, G and Romano, L E and Dong, X and Coppens, I and Hamacher-Brady, A and Chapple, J P and Abeti, R and Fleck, R A and Vizcay-Barrena, G and Smith, K and Campanella, M (2020) Mitochondria form contact sites with the nucleus to couple pro-survival retrograde response. Science Advances.

Fenollosa-Romero, E and Jeanes, E and Freitas, I and Enache, A-E and Lockhart, R and Fleming, L and Knott, T N L and Dawson, C and Smith, K and Busse, C (2019) Outcome of phacoemulsification in 71 cats: A multicenter retrospective study (2006-2017). VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGY.

Allerton, F and Fishwick, J C and Paterson, S and Weller, R and Battersby, I and Doyle, R and Gould, D and Caddy, S and Dunning, M and Featherstone, H J and Hardy, J and Kent, A and Pedro, B and Smith, K and Swinbourne, F and Harrison, J and Heinrich, C and Lau-Gillard, P and Loeffler, A and Maddinson, R and Mason, C and Ramsey, I and Ridyard, A and Robin, L and Scudder, C and Seth, M and Tappin, S and Singleton, D and Smith, H and Southerden, P and Warland, J and Whitehead, M and Williams, J (2019) Call for coordinated antimicrobial approach at veterinary diagnostic laboratories. VETERINARY RECORD, 184 (26).

Hamzianpour, N and Smith, K and Dawson, C and Rhodes, M (2019) Bilateral enucleation in dogs: A review of owner perceptions and satisfaction. VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGY.

Desai, R and East, D A and Hardy, L and Crosby, J and Faccenda, D and Alvarex, M S and Mainenti, M and Kuhlman Hussy, L and Bentham, R and Szabadkai, G and Zappulli, V and Dhoot, G and Fleck, R A and Vizcay-Barrena, G and Smith, K and Campanella, M (2018) Mitochondria form cholesterol-rich contact sites with the nucleus during retrograde response. bioRxiv. (In Press)

Suárez-Bonnet, A and Willis, C and Pittaway, R and Smith, K and Mair, T and Priestnall, S L (2018) Molecular carcinogenesis in equine penile cancer: A potential animal model for human penile cancer. Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations, 36.

Hedley, J and Stapleton, N and Muir, C and Priestnall, S L and Smith, K (2018) Cutaneous Botryomycosis in Two Pet Rabbits. Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, 28. pp. 143-147.

Kinnison, T and Cardwell, J M and Smith, K and Couëtil, L and Wylie, C and Whiting, M and Roder, C (2018) Lower airway disease: Does research fit our practice needs? EQUINE VETERINARY JOURNAL, 50 (5). p. 701.


Fletcher, J M and Scudder, C J and Kiupel, M and Pipe-Martin, H N and Kenny, P J and Mantis, P and Fenn, J and Smith, K and Blair, R V and Granger, L A and Niessen, S J M (2016) Hypersomatotropism in 3 Cats without Concurrent Diabetes Mellitus. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY INTERNAL MEDICINE, 30. pp. 1216-1221.

Scudamore, C L and Soilleux, E J and Karp, N A and Smith, K and Poulsom, R and Herrington, C S and Day, M J and Brayton, C F and Bolon, B and Whitelaw, B and White, E S and Everitt, J I and Arends, M J (2016) Recommendations for minimum information for publication ofexperimental pathology data: MINPEPA guidelines. Journal of Pathology, 238 (2). pp. 359-367.

Rutherford, L and Stell, A and Smith, K and Kulendra, N (2016) Hemothorax in Three Dogs with Intrathoracic Extracardiac Hemangiosarcoma. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, 52 (5). pp. 325-9.

Carvalho, S and Smith, K and Lara-Garcia, A (2015) Unusual case of an unknown origin carcinoma in a Weimaraner. Veterinary Times, 45.

Walker, D J and Knuchel-Takano, A and McCutchan, A and Chang, Y M and Downes, C and Miller, S and Stevens, K B and Verheyen, K L P and Phillips, A D and Miah, S and Turmaine, M and Hibbert, A and Steiner, J M and Suchodolski, J S and Mohan, K and Eastwood, J and Allenspach, K and Smith, K and Garden, O A (2013) A comprehensive pathological survey of duodenal biopsies from dogs with diet-responsive chronic enteropathy. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY INTERNAL MEDICINE, 27 (4). pp. 862-874.

Sharili, A and Allen, S P and Smith, K and Price, J and McGonnell, I M (2013) Snail2 promotes osteosarcoma cell motility through remodeling of the actin cytoskeleton and regulates tumour development. Cancer Letters, 333 (2). pp. 170-179.

Allenspach, K and House, A and Smith, K and McNeill, F M and Hendricks, A and Elson-Riggins, J G and Riddle, A L and Steiner, J M and Werling, D and Garden, O A and Catchpole, B and Suchodolski, J S (2010) Evaluation of mucosal bacteria and histopathology, clinical disease activity and expression of Toll-like receptors in German shepherd dogs with chronic enteropathies. VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY, 146 (3-4). pp. 326-335.

Dean, R and Adams, V and Dunham, S and Montgomery, D and Mellor, D and Philbey, A and Whitbread, T and Scase, T and McCandlish, I and Pfeiffer, D U and Smith, K (2008) Study of feline injection-site sarcomas. VETERINARY RECORD, 162 (20). p. 664.

Hamilton, A and Robinson, C and Sutcliffe, I C and Slater, J D and Maskell, D J and Davis-Poynter, N J and Smith, K and Waller, A and Harrington, D J (2006) Mutation of the maturase lipoprotein attenuates the virulence of Streptococcus equi to a greater extent than does loss of general lipoprotein lipidation. INFECTION AND IMMUNITY, 74 (12). pp. 6907-6919.

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