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Brioschi, V and Rutherford, L and Newell, K and Trotter, C and Arthurs, G I (2020) Computed Tomographic Assessment of Block Recession Trochleoplasty and Partial Parasagittal Patellectomy in Cats. VETERINARY AND COMPARATIVE ORTHOPAEDICS AND TRAUMATOLOGY.

Beer, A and Lipscomb, V J and Rutherford, L and Lee, K C L (2019) Use of subcutaneous ureteral bypass systems as a bridge to definitive ureteral repair in a cat with bilateral ureteral ligation secondary to complicated ovariohysterectomy. Veterinary Record Case Reports, 7. e000758.

Bristow, P C and Kurosawa, T A and Fuentes, V L and Rutherford, L and Brockman, D J (2019) Surgical valvulotomy for tricuspid valve stenosis in a dog. Journal of Veterinary Cardiology, 23. pp. 142-148.

Villedieu, E and Rutherford, L and Ter Haar, G (2019) Brachycephalic obstructive airway surgery outcome assessment using the 6-minute walk test: a pilot study. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 60 (2). pp. 132-135.

O'Neill, D G and Corah, C H and Church, D B and Brodbelt, D C and Rutherford, L (2018) Lipoma in dogs under primary veterinary care in the UK: prevalence and breed associations. Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, 5 (9).

Kaye, B M and Perridge, D J and Rutherford, L and Ter Haar, G (2018) Relationship between brachycephalic airway syndrome and gastrointestinal signs in three breeds of dog. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 59. pp. 670-673.

Rutherford, L and Beever, L and Bruce, M and Ter Haar, G (2017) Assessment of computed tomography derived cricoid cartilage and tracheal dimensions to evaluate degree of cricoid narrowing in brachycephalic dogs. VETERINARY RADIOLOGY & ULTRASOUND, 58 (6). pp. 634-646.

Swinbourne, F and Jeffery, N and Tivers, M S and Artingstall, R and Bird, F and Charlesworth, T and Doran, I and Freeman, A and Hall, J and Hattersley, R and Henken, J and Hughes, J and De La Puerta, B and Rutherford, L and Ryan, T and Williams, H and Woods, S and Nicholson, I (2017) The incidence of surgical site dehiscence following full-thickness gastrointestinal biopsy in dogs and cats and associated risk factors. JOURNAL OF SMALL ANIMAL PRACTICE, 58 (9). pp. 495-503.

Rutherford, L and Stell, A and Smith, K and Kulendra, N (2016) Hemothorax in Three Dogs with Intrathoracic Extracardiac Hemangiosarcoma. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, 52 (5). pp. 325-9.

Perry, K L and Rutherford, L and Sajik, D M R and Bruce, M M (2015) A preliminary study of the effect of closed incision management with negative pressure wound therapy over high-risk incisions. BMC Veterinary Research, 11. p. 279.

Rutherford, L and Langley-Hobbs, S J and Whitelock, R J and Arthurs, G I (2015) Complications associated with corrective surgery for patellar luxation in 85 feline surgical cases. JOURNAL OF FELINE MEDICINE AND SURGERY, 17 (4). pp. 312-317.

Rutherford, L and Arthurs, G I (2014) Partial parasagittal patellectomy: a novel method for augmenting surgical correction of patellar luxation in four cats. JOURNAL OF FELINE MEDICINE AND SURGERY, 16 (8). pp. 689-694.

Rutherford, L and Wessmann, A and Rusbridge, C and McGonnell, I M and Abeyesinghe, S M and Burn, C C and Volk, H A (2012) Questionnaire-based behaviour analysis of Cavalier King Charles spaniels with neuropathic pain due to Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia. VETERINARY JOURNAL, 194 (3). pp. 294-298.

Perry, K L and Lam, R W and Rutherford, L and Arthurs, G I (2012) A case of scapular avulsion with concomitant scapular fracture in a cat. JOURNAL OF FELINE MEDICINE AND SURGERY, 14. pp. 945-51.

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