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Kalaycioglu, A T and Russell, P H and Howard, C R (2012) The Characterization of the Neutralizing Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Monoclonal Antibodies and Antigenic Diversity of E2 Glycoprotein. pp. 1117-1120.

Kalaycioglu, A T and Russell, P H and Howard, C R (2011) Peptide mimics of hapten DNP: The effect of affinity of anti-DNP monoclonal antibodies for the selection of phage-displayed mimotopes. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGICAL METHODS, 366 (1-2). pp. 36-42.

Carroll, B and Russell, P H and Gurnell, J and Nettleton, P and Sainsbury, A W (2009) Epidemics of squirrelpox virus disease in red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris): temporal and serological findings. EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 137 (2). pp. 257-265.

Cunningham, A A and Tems, C A and Russell, P H (2008) Immunohistochemical demonstration of ranavirus antigen in the tissues of infected frogs (Rana temporaria) with systemic haemorrhagic or cutaneous ulcerative disease. JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY, 138 (1). pp. 3-11.

Sainsbury, A W and Deaville, R and Lawson, B and Cooley, W A and Farelly, S S J and Stack, M J and Duff, P and McInnes, C J and Gurnell, J and Russell, P H and Rushton, S P and Pfeiffer, D U and Nettleton, P and Lurz, P W W (2008) Poxviral Disease in Red Squirrels Sciurus vulgaris in the UK: Spatial and Temporal Trends of an Emerging Threat. ECOHEALTH, 5 (3). pp. 305-316.

Cunningham, A A and Hyatt, A D and Russell, P H and Bennett, P M (2007) Emerging epidemic diseases of frogs in Britain are dependent on the source of ranavirus agent and the route of exposure. EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 135 (7). pp. 1200-1212.

Cunningham, A A and Hyatt, A D and Russell, P H and Bennett, P M (2007) Experimental transmission of a ranavirus disease of common toads (Bufo bufo) to common frogs (Rana temporaria). EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 135 (7). pp. 1213-1216.

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Russell, P H and Mackie, A (2001) Eye-drop DNA can induce IgA in the tears and bile of chickens. VETERINARY IMMUNOLOGY AND IMMUNOPATHOLOGY, 80 (3-4). pp. 327-332.

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