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Rahim, A and Russell, C and Mole, S (2020) Special edition: The NCLs/Batten disease. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease, 1866 (9). p. 165824. ISSN 09254439

Russell, C and Huber, R and Hughes, S and Wenfei Liu and Morgan, A and Tuxworth, R (2019) The contribution of multicellular model organisms to Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis research. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Molecular Basis of Disease.

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Martin-Jimenez, R and Faccenda, D and Allen, E and Reichel, H B and Arcos, L and Ferraina, C and Strobbe, D and Russell, C and Campanella, M (2018) Reduction of the ATPase inhibitory factor 1 (IF1) leads to visual impairment in vertebrates. CELL DEATH & DISEASE, 9.

Werling, D and Hope, J and Siddiqui, N and Widdison, S and Russell, C and Sopp, C and Coffey, T J (2017) Subset-specific expression of Toll-like receptors by bovine afferent lymph dendritic cells. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4 (44).

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Matic, I and Cocco, S and Ferraina, C and Martin-Jimenez, R and Florenzano, F and Crosby, J and Lupi, R and Amadoro, G and Russell, C and Pignataro, G and Annunziato, L and Abramov, A Y and Campanella, M (2016) Neuroprotective coordination of cell mitophagy by the ATPase Inhibitory Factor 1. Pharmacological Research, 103 (1). pp. 56-68.

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Cunliffe, V T and Baines, R A and Giachello, C N G and Lin, W-H and Morgan, A and Reuber, M and Russell, C and Walker, M C and Williams, R S B (2015) Epilepsy research methods update: Understanding the causes of epileptic seizures and identifying new treatments using non-mammalian model organisms. Seizure-European Journal of Epilepsy, 24. pp. 44-51.

Ivanes, F and Faccenda, D and Gatliff, J and Ahmed, A A and Cocco, S and Cheng, C H K and Allan, E and Russell, C and Duchen, M R and Campanella, M (2014) The compound BTB06584 is an IF1-dependent selective inhibitor of the mitochondrial F1Fo-ATPase. BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, 171 (18). pp. 4193-4206.

Zdebik, A A and Mahmood, F and Stanescu, H C and Kleta, R and Bockenhauer, D and Russell, C (2013) Epilepsy in kcnj10 Morphant Zebrafish Assessed with a Novel Method for Long-Term EEG Recordings. PLoS One, 8 (11).

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Russell, C and Mahmood, F and Fu, S and Cooke, J and Wilson, S and Cooper, J (2013) A zebrafish model of CLN2 disease is deficient in Tripeptidyl-peptidase I and displays progressive neurodegeneration accompanied by a reduction in proliferation. BRAIN, 136. p. 1488.

Regan, J C and Concha, M L and Roussigne, M and Russell, C and Wilson, S W (2009) An Fgf8-Dependent Bistable Cell Migratory Event Establishes CNS Asymmetry. Neuron, 61 (1). pp. 27-34.

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Norton, W H and Mangoli, M and Lele, Z and Pogoda, H M and Diamond, B and Mercurio, S and Russell, C and Teraoka, H and Stickney, H L and Rauch, G J and Heisenberg, C P and Houart, C and Schilling, T F and Frohnhoefer, H G and Rastegar, S and Neumann, C J and Gardiner, R M and Strahle, U and Geisler, R and Rees, M and Talbot, W S and Wilson, S W (2005) Monorail/Foxa2 regulates floorplate differentiation and specification of oligodendrocytes, serotonergic raphe neurones and cranial motoneurones. DEVELOPMENT, 132 (4). pp. 645-658.

Paukert, M and Sidi, S and Russell, C and Siba, M and Wilson, S W and Nicolson, T and Grunder, S (2004) A family of acid-sensing ion channels from the zebrafish - Widespread expression in the central nervous system suggests a conserved role in neuronal communication. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 279 (18). pp. 18783-18791.

Concha, M L and Russell, C and Regan, J C and Tawk, M and Sidi, S and Gilmour, D T and Kapsimali, M and Sumoy, L and Goldstone, K and Amaya, E and Kimelman, D and Nicolson, T and Grunder, S and Gomperts, M and Clarke, J D W and Wilson, S W (2003) Local tissue interactions across the dorsal midline of the forebrain establish CNS laterality. Neuron, 39.

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Cooper, J D and Mole, S E and Russell, C and Tyynela, J (2011) Small animal models of NCL. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

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Ivanes, F and Allan, E and Faccenda, D and Ahmed, A and Russell, C and Duchen, M and Campanella, M (2014) THE CHEMICAL AGENT BTB06584 TARGETS THE REVERSION OF THE MITOCHONDRIAL F1FO-ATP SYNTHASE MIMICKING IF1. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wager, K and Mahmood, F and Russell, C (2014) Modelling Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Zebrafish. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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