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Galluzzi, L and Bravo-San Pedro, J M and Vitale, I and Aaronson, S A and Abrams, J M and Adam, D and Alnemri, E S and Altucci, L and Andrews, D W and Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, M and Baehrecke, E H and Bazan, N G and Bertrand, M J and Bianchi, K and Blagosklonny, M V and Blomgren, K and Borner, C and Bredesen, D E and Brenner, C and Campanella, M and Candi, E and Cecconi, F and Chan, F K and Chandel, N S and Cheng, E H and Chipuk, J E and Cidlowski, J A and Ciechanover, A and Dawson, T M and Dawson, VL and De Laurenzi, V and De Maria, R and Debatin, K M and Di Daniele, N and Dixit, V M and Dynlacht, B D and El-Deiry, W S and Fimia, G M and Flavell, R A and Fulda, S and Garrido, C and Gougeon, M L and Green, D R and Gronemeyer, H and Hardwick, J M and Hengartner, M O and Ichijo, H and Joseph, B and Jost, P J and Kaufmann, T and Kepp, O and Klionsky, D J and Knight, R A and Kumar, S and Lemasters, J J and Levine, B and Linkermann, A and Lipton, S A and Lockshin, R A and López-Otín, C and Lugli, E and Madeo, F and Malorni, W and Marine, J C and Martin, S J and Martinou, J C and Medema, J P and Meier, P and Melino, S and Mizushima, N and Moll, U and Muñoz-Pinedo, C and Nuñez, G and Oberst, A and Panaretakis, T and Penninger, J M and Peter, M E and Piacentini, M and Pinton, P and Prehn, J H and Puthalakath, H and Rabinovich, G A and Ravichandran, K S and Rizzuto, R and Rodrigues, C M and Rubinsztein, D C and Rudel, T and Shi, Y and Simon, H U and Stockwell, B R and Szabadkai, G and Tair, S W and Tang, H L and Tavernarakis, N and Tsujimoto, Y and Vanden Berghe, T and Vandenabeele, P and Villunger, A and Wagner, E F and Walczak, H and White, E and Wood, W G and Yuan, J and Zakeri, Z and Zhivotovsky, B and Melino, G and Kroemer, G (2015) Essential versus accessory aspects of cell death: recommendations of the NCCD 2015. CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION, 22 (1). pp. 58-57.

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