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Zhang, G. and Li, C. and Li, Q. and Li, B. and Larkin, D. M. and Lee, C. and Storz, J. F. and Antunes, A. and Greenwold, M. J. and Meredith, R. W. and Odeen, A. and Cui, J. and Zhou, Q. and Xu, L. and Pan, H. and Wang, Z. and Jin, L. and Zhang, P. and Hu, H. and Yang, W. and Hu, J. and Xiao, J. and Yang, Z. and Liu, Y. and Xie, Q. and Yu, H. and Lian, J. and Wen, P. and Zhang, F. and Li, H. and Zeng, Y. and Xiong, Z. and Liu, S. and Zhou, L. and Huang, Z. and An, N. and Wang, J. and Zheng, Q. and Xiong, Y. and Wang, G. and Wang, B. and Wang, J. and Fan, Y. and da Fonseca, R. R. and Alfaro-Nunez, A. and Schubert, M. and Orlando, L. and Mourier, T. and Howard, J. T. and Ganapathy, G. and Pfenning, A. and Whitney, O. and Rivas, M. V. and Hara, E. and Smith, J. and Farre, M. and Narayan, J. and Slavov, G. and Romanov, M. N. and Borges, R. and Machado, J. P. and Khan, I. and Springer, M. S. and Gatesy, J. and Hoffmann, F. G. and Opazo, J. C. and Hastad, O. and Sawyer, R. H. and Kim, H. and Kim, K.-W. and Kim, H. J. and Cho, S. and Li, N. and Huang, Y. and Bruford, M. W. and Zhan, X. and Dixon, A. and Bertelsen, M. F. and Derryberry, E. and Warren, W. and Wilson, R. K. and Li, S. and Ray, D. A. and Green, R. E. and O'Brien, S. J. and Griffin, D. and Johnson, W. E. and Haussler, D. and Ryder, O. A. and Willerslev, E. and Graves, G. R. and Alstrom, P. and Fjeldsa, J. and Mindell, D. P. and Edwards, S. V. and Braun, E. L. and Rahbek, C. and Burt, D. W. and Houde, P. and Zhang, Y. and Yang, H. and Wang, J. and Jarvis, E. D. and Gilbert, M. T. P. and Wang, J. and Ye, C. and Liang, S. and Yan, Z. and Zepeda, M. L. and Campos, P. F. and Velazquez, A. M. V. and Samaniego, J. A. and Avila-Arcos, M. and Martin, M. D. and Barnett, R. and Ribeiro, A. M. and Mello, C. V. and Lovell, P. V. and Almeida, D. and Maldonado, E. and Pereira, J. and Sunagar, K. and Philip, S. and Dominguez-Bello, M. G. and Bunce, M. and Lambert, D. and Brumfield, R. T. and Sheldon, F. H. and Holmes, E. C. and Gardner, P. P. and Steeves, T. E. and Stadler, P. F. and Burge, S. W. and Lyons, E. and Smith, J. and McCarthy, F. and Pitel, F. and Rhoads, D. and Froman, D. P. (2014) Comparative genomics reveals insights into avian genome evolution and adaptation. Science, 346 (6215). pp. 1311-1320. ISSN 0036-8075


Faria, N. R. and Quick, J. and Claro, I.M. and Thézé, J. and de Jesus, J. G. and Giovanetti, M. and Kraemer, M. U. G. and Hill, S. C. and Black, A. and da Costa, A. C. and Franco, L. C. and Silva, S. P. and Wu, C.-H. and Raghwani, J. and Cauchemez, S. and du Plessis, L. and Verotti, M. P. and de Oliveira, W. K. and Carmo, E. H. and Coelho, G. E. and Santelli, A. C. F. S. and Vinhal, L. C. and Henriques, C. M. and Simpson, J. T. and Loose, M. and Andersen, K. G. and Grubaugh, N. D. and Somasekar, S. and Chiu, C. Y. and Muñoz-Medina, J. E. and Gonzalez-Bonilla, C. R. and Arias, C. F. and Lewis-Ximenez, L. L. and Baylis, S. A. and Chieppe, A. O. and Aguiar, S. F. and Fernandes, C. A. and Lemos, P. S. and Nascimento, B. L. S. and Monteiro, H. A. O. and Siqueira, I. C. and de Queiroz, M. G. and de Souza, T. R. and Bezerra, J. F. and Lemos, M. R. and Pereira, G. F. and Loudal, D. and Moura, L. C. and Dhalia, R. and França, R. F. and Magalhães, T. and Marques, E. T. and Jaenisch, T. and Wallau, G. L. and de Lima, M. C. and Nascimento, V. and de Cerqueira, E. M. and de Lima, M. M. and Mascarenhas, D. L. and Neto, J. P. Moura and Levin, A. S. and Tozetto-Mendoza, T. R. and Fonseca, S. N. and Mendes-Correa, M. C. and Milagres, F. P. and Segurado, A. and Holmes, E. C. and Rambaut, A. and Bedford, T. and Nunes, M. R. T. and Sabino, E. C. and Alcantara, L. C. J. and Loman, N. J. and Pybus, O. G. (2017) Establishment and cryptic transmission of Zika virus in Brazil and the Americas. Springer.

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