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Haider, N and Osman, A Y and Gadzekpo, A and Akipede, G O and Asogun, D and Ansumana, R and Lessells, R J and Khan, P and Hamid, M M A and Yeboah-Manu, D and Mboera, L and Shayo, E H and Mmbaga, B T and Urassa, M and Musoke, D and Kapata, N and Ferrand, R A and Kapata, P C and Stigler, F and Czypionka, T and Zumla, A and Kock, R and McCoy, D (2020) Lockdown measures in response to COVID-19 in nine sub-Saharan African countries. BMJ Global Health, 5 (10). e003319. ISSN 2059-7908

Haider, N and Vairo, F and Ippolito, G and Zumla, A and Kock, R (2020) Basic Reproduction Number of Chikungunya Virus Transmitted by Aedes Mosquitoes. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 26 (10). pp. 2429-2431. ISSN 1080-6040

Vairo, F and Aimè Coussoud-Mavoungou, M P and Ntoumi, F and Castilletti, C and Kitembo, L and Haider, N and Carletti, F and Colavita, F and Gruber, C E M and Iannetta, M and Messina, F and Lanini, S and Ulrich Judicaël, B and Giombini, E and Montaldo, C and Portella, C and Diafouka-Diatela, S and Rueca, M and Kock, R and Bartolini, B and Mboera, L and Munster, V and Fischer, R and Seifert, S and Muñoz-Fontela, C and Escudero-Pérez, B and Gomez-Medina, S and Nelson, E V and Kjia Tungu, P and Nicastri, E and Puro, V and Di Caro, A and Capobianchi, M R and Mikolo, J L and Zumla, A and Ippolito, G (2020) Chikungunya Outbreak in the Republic of the Congo, 2019—Epidemiological, Virological and Entomological Findings of a South-North Multidisciplinary Taskforce Investigation. Viruses, 12 (9). p. 1020. ISSN 1999-4915

Haider, N and Yavlinsky, A and Chang, Y M and Hasan, M N and Benfield, C and Osman, A Y and Uddin, M J and Dar, O and Ntoumi, F and Zumla, A and Kock, R (2020) The Global Health Security index and Joint External Evaluation score for health preparedness are not correlated with countries' COVID-19 detection response time and mortality outcome. Epidemiology and Infection, 148. ISSN 0950-2688

Homaira, N and Islam, M and Haider, N (2020) COVID-19 in the Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh: challenges and mitigation strategies. Global Biosecurity, 1 (4).

Haider, N and Yavlinsky, A and Kock, R (2020) Response to ‘Evaluation of modelling study shows limits of COVID-19 importing risk simulations in sub-Saharan Africa’ (Epidemiology and Infection – HYG-LE-10513-May-20). Epidemiology and Infection, 148. ISSN 0950-2688

Kapata, N and Ihekweazu, C and Ntoumi, F and Tajudeen, R and Chanda-Kapata, P and Mwaba, P and Mukonka, V and Bates, M and Tembo, J and Corman, V and Mfinanga, S and Asogun, D and Elton, L and Arruda, L B and Thomason, M J and Mboera, L and Yavlinsky, A and Haider, N and Simons, D and Hollmann, L and Lule, S A and Veas, F and Abdel Hamid, M M and Dar, O and Edwards, S and Vairo, F and McHugh, T D and Drosten, C and Kock, RA and Ippolito, G and Zumla, A (2020) Is Africa prepared for tackling the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) epidemic? Lessons from past outbreaks, ongoing pan-African public health efforts, and implications for the future. International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Haider, N and Yavlinsky, A and Simons, D and Osman, A Y and Ntoumi, F and Zumla, A and Kock, R A (2020) Passengers' destinations from China: low risk of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) transmission into Africa and South America. EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 148.

Ghosh, S and Rana, M S and Islam, M K and Chowdhury, S and Haider, N and Kafi, M A H and Ullah, S M and Shah, M R A and Jahan, A A and Mursalin, H S and Marma, A S P and Ali, S M E and Hossain, S and Bhowmik, R and Debnath, N C and Shamsuzzaman, A K M and Ahmed, B-N and Siddiqi, U R and Jhora, S T (2020) Trends and clinico-epidemiological features of human rabies cases in Bangladesh 2006–2018. Scientific Reports (Nature), 10.

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Islam, A and Hossain, M E and Haider, N and Rostal, M K and Mukharjee, S K and Ferdous, J and Miah, M and Rahman, M and Daszak, P and Rahman, M Z and Epstein, J H (2019) Molecular Characterization of Group A Rotavirus from Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) at Human-Wildlife Interfaces in Bangladesh. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.

Vairo, F and Haider, N and Kock, R A and Ntoumi, F and Ippolito, G and Zumla, A (2019) Chikungunya: Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Clinical Features, Management, and Prevention. Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, 33 (4). pp. 1003-1025.

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Kock, R A and Haider, N and Mboera, L E G and Zumla, A (2019) A One-Health lens for anthrax. The Lancet Planetary Health.

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