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McKenna, M and Bristow, P C and Suárez-Bonnet, A and Fox, M T and Glanemann, B (2019) Clinical spirocercosis in a dog in the UK. Veterinary Record Case Reports, 7 (3).

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Hardy, J I and Sinclair, G and Fox, M T and Loeffler, A (2012) Feline sarcoptic mange in the UK: a case report. UNSPECIFIED.

Upjohn, M J and Cobb, C and Monger, J and Geurden, T and Claerebout, E and Fox, M T (2010) Prevalence, molecular typing and risk factor analysis for Giardia duodenalis infections in dogs in a central London rescue shelter. UNSPECIFIED.

Noronha, M and Tennant, K V and Prior, R and Woolley, S and Fox, M T (2006) Survey of eyeworm (Thelazia species) in wild deer in southern England. UNSPECIFIED.

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