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Esteve-Altava, B and Pierce, S E and Molnar, J L and Johnston, P and Diogo, R and Hutchinson, J R (2019) Evolutionary parallelisms of pectoral and pelvic network-anatomy from fins to limbs. Science Advances, 5 (5).

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Powell, V and Esteve-Altava, B and Molnar, J and Villmoare, B and Pettit, A and Diogo, R (2018) Primate modularity and evolution: first anatomical network analysis of primate head and neck musculoskeletal system. Scientific Reports (Nature), 8. p. 2341.

Esteve-Altava, B and Molnar, J L and Johnston, P and Hutchinson, J R and Diogo, R (2018) Anatomical network analysis of the musculoskeletal system reveals integration loss and parcellation boost during the fins-to-limbs transition. EVOLUTION.

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Diogo, R and Bello-Hellegorach, G and Kohlsdorf, T and Esteve-Altava, B and Molnar, J L (2016) Comparative Myology and Evolution of Marsupials and Other Vertebrates, With Notes on Complexity, Bauplan, and "Scala Naturae". ANATOMICAL RECORD-ADVANCES IN INTEGRATIVE ANATOMY AND EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, 299 (9). pp. 1224-1255.

Diogo, R and Esteve-Altava, B and Smith, C and Boughner, J C and Rasskin-Gutman, D (2015) Anatomical Network Comparison of Human Upper and Lower, Newborn and Adult, and Normal and Abnormal Limbs, with Notes on Development, Pathology and Limb Serial Homology vs. Homoplasy. PLoS One, 10 (10).

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