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Ioannides, J and Everson, R and Matas Riera, M and Dawson, C (2020) A description of blend electrolysis for treatment of canine distichiasis: 78 cases (2012-2017). The Veterinary record. ISSN 2042-7670

Cebrian, P and Escanilla, N and Lowe, R C and Dawson, C and Sanchez, R F (2020) Corneo‐limbo‐conjunctival transposition to treat deep and perforating corneal ulcers in dogs: A review of 418 eyes and corneal clarity scoring in 111 eyes. Veterinary Ophthalmology. ISSN 1463-5224

Maini, S and Hurley-Bennett, K and Dawson, C (2020) Case Series Describing the Use of Low-Temperature Vacuum-Dehydrated Amnion (Omnigen) for the Treatment of Corneal Ulcers in Cats and Dogs: 46 Cases (2016-2017). Topics in Companion Animal Medicine. p. 100474. ISSN 19389736

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Hamzianpour, N and Smith, K and Dawson, C and Rhodes, M (2019) Bilateral enucleation in dogs: A review of owner perceptions and satisfaction. VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGY.

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Dawson, C and Volk, H A and Lam, R W and Sanchez, R F (2014) Exophthalmia due to intracranial abscess from grass seed foreign material in a dog. Veterinary Record Case Reports, 2. e000085.

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