A Selective Review of Advances in Coccidiosis Research

Chapman, H D and Barta, J R and Blake, D P and Gruber, A and Jenkins, M and Smith, N C and Suo, X and Tomley, F M (2013) A Selective Review of Advances in Coccidiosis Research. In: Advances in Parasitology. Elsevier, pp. 93-171. ISBN 0065-308X

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Coccidiosis is a widespread and economically significant disease of livestock caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Eimeria. This disease is worldwide in occurrence and costs the animal agricultural industry many millions of dollars to control. In recent years, the modern tools of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology and immunology have been used to expand greatly our knowledge of these parasites and the disease they cause. Such studies are essential if we are to develop new means for the control of coccidiosis. In this chapter, selective aspects of the biology of these organisms, with emphasis on recent research in poultry, are reviewed. Topics considered include taxonomy, systematics, genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, transfection, oocyst biogenesis, host cell invasion, immunobiology, diagnostics and control.

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