Effects of Equex STM Paste on the quality of frozen-thawed epididymal dog spermatozoa

Ponglowhapan, S and Chatdarong, K (2008) Effects of Equex STM Paste on the quality of frozen-thawed epididymal dog spermatozoa. Theriogenology, 69 (6). pp. 666-672.

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This study was carried out to investigate the cryoprotective efficacy of Equex STM Paste on the quality of canine post-thaw epididymal spermatozoa. Following castration, spermatozoa were flushed from the cauda epididymides. Epididymal spermatozoa from 13 of 16 dogs with a sperm motility of > 70% were frozen in an egg yolk-Tris extender, supplemented with Equex STM Paste (0.5%, v/v); the extender free of Equex STM Paste served as a control cryoprotective diluent. The quality of spermatozoa, judged by its motility, plasma membrane integrity and acrosome integrity, was evaluated on four occasions, immediately after collection, after equilibration and at 0 and 2 h post-thaw. Reducing the temperature to 4 degrees C for 2 h prior to freezing decreased sperm motility (P = 0.001), but had no effects on membrane integrity or acrosome integrity. Immediately after thawing, the percentage of acrosome-intact spermatozoa significantly decreased in samples frozen without Equex. STM Paste compared to freshly collected or Equex-treated samples. After incubation at 37 degrees C for 2 h post-thaw, a greater percentage of motile spermatozoa (P = 0.018) and spermatozoa with intact acrosomes (P = 0.001) were observed in Equex-treated samples compared with the control. The percentage of membrane-intact spermatozoa did not differ significantly between Equex-treated and control samples at any time. Supplementation with Equex STM Paste in the semen extender was effective for freezing canine epididymal spermatozoa because it protected acrosome integrity against damage induced by cryopreservation and it prolonged post-thaw sperm motility during in vitro incubation at 37 degrees C. (c) 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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