Spatial distribution of Bluetongue surveillance and cases in Switzerland

Kluiters, G and Chaignat, V and Schwermer, H (2008) Spatial distribution of Bluetongue surveillance and cases in Switzerland. SCHWEIZER ARCHIV FUR TIERHEILKUNDE, 150 (11). pp. 543-552.

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Swiss Bluetongue surveillance from mid 2007 to mid 2008 was a combination of monthly bulk milk testing of 200 cattle herds in zones of higher risk for vector presence and intensification of passive clinical surveillance. The spatial scan statistic and Moran's 1 statistic were used to determine clustering of surveillance data. The results show a high level of surveillance intensity for BT in Switzerland in 2007. In the region encompassing the Cantons of Aargau, Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt and Solothurn, where cases were detected in 2007, the surveillance was significantly higher than in the rest of Switzerland. Six cases of Bluetongue were detected within the surveillance system. The prevalence estimates 9.62% (95% CI = 3.25%-18.85% versus 0.98% (95% CI = 0.2%-2.22%) were also significantly higher in the area with higher surveillance intensity. Spatial variation in surveillance data should to be considered if a disease event is analysed on a national scale. The spatial variation of prevalence estimates should be considered in future Bluetongue surveillance in Switzerland.

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