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Bergoug, H and Guinebretiere, M and Roulston, N and Tong, Q and Romanini, C E B and Exadaktylos, V and McGonnell, I M and Demmers, T G M and Garain, P and Bahr, C and Berckmans, D and Eterradossi, N and Michel, V (2015) Relationships between hatch time and egg weight, embryo sex, chick quality, body weight and pododermatitis severity during broiler rearing. European Poultry Science, 79.

Beynon, S E and Slavov, G T and Farré, M and Sunduimijid, B and Waddams, K and Davies, B and Haresign, W and Kijas, J and MacLeod, I M and Newbold, C J and Davies, L and Larkin, D M (2015) Population structure and history of the Welsh sheep breeds determined by whole genome genotyping. BMC Genetics, 16 (65).

Blagojevic, B and Dadios, N and Reinmann, K and Guitian, J and Staerk, K D C (2015) Green offal inspection of cattle, small ruminants and pigs in the United Kingdom: Impact assessment of changes in the inspection protocol on likelihood of detection of selected hazards. RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE, 100. pp. 31-38.

Bronner, A and Morignat, E and Fournié, G and Vergne, T and Vinard, J L and Gay, E and Calavas, D (2015) Syndromic surveillance of abortions in beef cattle based on the prospective analysis of spatio-temporal variations of calvings. Scientific Reports (Nature), 5.

Capilla, L and Sanchez-Guillen, R A and Farré, M and Larkin, D M and Ventura, J and Ruiz-Herrera, A (2015) GENOMIC SIGNATURES OF EVOLUTIONARY RESHUFFLING IN MAMMALS. Chromosome Research, 23 (2). p. 375.

Damas, J and Farré, M and Lithgow, P and Romanov, M and Li, C and Griffin, D K and Larkin, D M (2015) TOWARDS THE CONSTRUCTION OF AVIAN CHROMOSOME ASSEMBLIES. Chromosome Research, 23 (2). pp. 378-379.

El Tholth, M and Fornace, K M and Grace, D and Rushton, J and Haesler, B (2015) Characterisation of production, marketing and consumption patterns of farmed tilapia in the Nile Delta of Egypt. Food Policy, 51. pp. 131-143.

Farré, M and Narayan, J and Slavov, G T and Auvil, L and Lewin, H A and Larkin, D M (2015) AMNIOTE EVOLUTION: THE ROLE OF CHROMOSOME REARRANGEMENTS. Chromosome Research, 23 (2). p. 366.

Griffin, D K and Farré, M and Lithgow, P and O'Connor, R and Fowler, K E and Romanov, M N and Larkin, D M (2015) AVIAN CHROMONOMICS GOES FUNCTIONAL. Chromosome Research, 23 (2). p. 367.

Huneau-Salauen, A and Staerk, K D C and Mateus, A L P and Lupo, C and Lindberg, A and Le Bouquin-Leneveu, S (2015) Contribution of Meat Inspection to the surveillance of poultry health and welfare in the European Union. EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 143 (11). pp. 2459-2472.

Ivemeyer, S and Bell, N J and Brinkmann, J and Cimer, K and Gratzer, E and Leeb, C and March, S and Mejdell, C and Roderick, S and Smolders, G and Walkenhorst, M and Winckler, C and Vaarst, M (2015) Farmers taking responsibility for herd health development—stable schools in research and advisory activities as a tool for dairy health and welfare planning in Europe. Organic Agriculture, 5 (2). pp. 135-141.

Jackson, E L and Waret-Szkuta, A and Raboisson, D and Niemi, J and Aragrande, M and Gethmann, J and Martins, S B and Horeth-Bontgen, D and Sans, P and Staerk, K D C and Haesler, B and Rushton, J (2015) Europe Needs Consistent Teaching of the Economics of Animal Health. Eurochoices, 15 (2). pp. 42-49.

Lyons, N A and Alexander, N and Staerk, K D C and Dulu, T D and Rushton, J and Fine, P E M (2015) Impact of foot-and-mouth disease on mastitis and culling on a large-scale dairy farm in Kenya. VETERINARY RESEARCH, 46 (1).

Lyons, N A and Staerk, K D C and Van Maanen, C and Thomas, S L and Chepkwony, E C and Sangula, A K and Dulu, T D and Fine, P E M (2015) Epidemiological analysis of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (serotype SAT2) on a large dairy farm in Kenya using regular vaccination. Acta Tropica, 143. pp. 103-111.

Mohey-Elsaeed, O and Marei, W F A and Fouladi-Nashta, A A and El-Saba, A-A A (2015) Histochemical structure and immunolocalisation of the hyaluronan system in the dromedary oviduct. Reproduction Fertility and Development, 28 (7). pp. 936-947.

Montiel, D O and Bruce, M M and Frankena, K and Udo, H and Van Der Zijpp, A and Rushton, J (2015) Financial analysis of brucellosis control for small-scale goat farming in the Bajío region, Mexico. PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE, 118 (4). pp. 247-259.


Onono, J O and Amimo, J O and Rushton, J (2015) Constraints and efficiency of cattle marketing in semiarid pastoral system in Kenya. TROPICAL ANIMAL HEALTH AND PRODUCTION, 47 (4). pp. 691-697.

Romanov, M N and Farré, M and Lithgow, P E and O'Connor, R and Fowler, K E and Skinner, B M and Larkin, D M and Griffin, D K (2015) AVIAN ANCESTRAL KARYOTYPE RECONSTRUCTION AND DIFFERENTIAL RATES OF INTER-AND INTRA-CHROMOSOMAL CHANGE IN DIFFERENT LINEAGES. Chromosome Research, 23 (2). p. 414.

Schmid, M and Smith, J and Burt, D W and Aken, B L and Antin, P B and Archibald, A L and Ashwell, C and Blackshear, P J and Farré, M and Larkin, D M (2015) Third Report on Chicken Genes and Chromosomes 2015. CYTOGENETIC AND GENOME RESEARCH, 145. pp. 78-179.

Suleiman, A and Jackson, E L and Rushton, J (2015) Challenges of pastoral cattle production in a sub-humid zone of Nigeria. TROPICAL ANIMAL HEALTH AND PRODUCTION, 47 (6). pp. 1177-85.

Vanhoudt, A and Van Winden, S C L and Fishwick, J C and Bell, N J (2015) Monitoring cow comfort and rumen health indices in a cubicle-housed herd with an automatic milking system: a repeated measures approach. IRISH VETERINARY JOURNAL, 68 (12).

Velasova, M and Drewe, J A and Gibbons, J and Green, M and Guitian, J (2015) Evaluation of the usefulness at national level of the dairy cattle health and production recording systems in Great Britain. VETERINARY RECORD, 177 (12). p. 304.

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