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Beauvais, W and Musallam, I I and Guitian, J (2016) Vaccination control programs for multiple livestock host species: an age-stratified, seasonal transmission model for brucellosis control in endemic settings. Parasites & Vectors, 9. p. 55.

Beauvais, W and Orynbayev, M and Guitian, J (2016) Empirical Bayes estimation of farm prevalence adjusting for multistage sampling and uncertainty in test performance: a Brucella cross-sectional serostudy in southern Kazakhstan. EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 144 (16). pp. 3531-3539.

Bennani, H and Häsler, B and Rushton, J (2016) Economic approach to animal health education and research. Veterinary Times.


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Chen, X and Cheng, Z R and Werling, D and Pollott, G E and Salavati, M and Johnson, K F and Khan, F A and Wathes, D C and Zhang, S J (2016) Bovine P-selectin mediates leukocyte adhesion and is highly polymorphic in dairy breeds. RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE, 108. pp. 85-92.

Cheng, Z R and Abudureyimu, A and Oguejiofor, C F and Ellis, R and Barry, A T and Chen, X and Anstaett, O L and Brownlie, J and Wathes, D C (2016) BVDV alters uterine prostaglandin production during pregnancy recognition in cows. REPRODUCTION, 151 (6). pp. 605-614.


El Tolth, M M and Hegazy, Y M and El-Tras, W F and Bruce, M and Rushton, J (2016) Temporal Analysis and Costs of Ruminant Brucellosis Control Programme in Egypt Between 1999 and 2011. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. (In Press)


Fornace, K M and Nuin, N A and Betson, M and Grigg, M J and William, T and Anstey, N M and Yeo, T W and Cox, J and Ying, L T and Drakeley, C J (2016) Asymptomatic and Submicroscopic Carriage of Plasmodium knowlesi Malaria in Household and Community Members of Clinical Cases in Sabah, Malaysia. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 213 (5). pp. 784-787.


Gilbert, W H and Rushton, J (2016) Incentive Perception in Livestock Disease Control. Journal of Agricultural Economics. (In Press)

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Hosein, S and Limon, G and Dadios, N and Guitian, J and Blake, D P (2016) Toxoplasma gondii detection in cattle: A slaughterhouse survey. VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY, 228. pp. 126-129.


Lopez-Salesansky, N and Mazlan, N H and Whitfield, L E and Wells, D J and Burn, C C (2016) Olfactory variation in mouse husbandry and its implications for refinement and standardisation: UK survey of non-animal scents. Laboratory Animals, 50 (4). pp. 286-295.


Nathues, H and Fournié, G and Wieland, B and Pfeiffer, D U and Staerk, K D C (2016) Modelling the within-herd transmission of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in closed pig herds. Porcine Health Management, 2 (10).

Newsome, R and Green, M J and Bell, N J and Chagunda, C S and Mason, C S and Rutland, C S and Sturrock, C J and Whay, H R and Huxley, J N (2016) Linking bone development on the caudal aspect of the distal phalanx with lameness during life. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 99 (6). pp. 4512-4525.


Okell, C N and Mariner, J and Allport, R and Buono, N and Mutembei, H M I and Rushton, J and Verheyen, K L P (2016) Anthelmintic administration to small ruminants in emergency drought responses: assessing the impact in two locations of northern Kenya. TROPICAL ANIMAL HEALTH AND PRODUCTION, 48 (3). pp. 493-500.

Orynbayev, M B and Beauvais, W and Sansyzbay, A R and Rystaeva, R A and Sultankulova, K T and Kerimbaev, A A and Kospanova, M N and Kock, R A (2016) Seroprevalence of infectious diseases in saiga antelope (Saiga tataricatatarica) in Kazakhstan 2012–2014. PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE, 127 (1). pp. 100-104.


Picchioni, F and Aleksandrowicz, L and Bruce, M M and Cuevas, S and Dominguez-Salas, P and Jia, L and Tak, M (2016) Agri-health research: what have we learned and where do we go next? 5th annual conference of the leverhulme centre for integrative research on agriculture and health (LCIRAH), 2015. Food Security, 8 (1). pp. 291-298.


Sangwan, A K and Jackson, B F and De Glanville, W A and Pfeiffer, D U and Stevens, K B (2016) Spatial analysis and identification of environmental risk factors affecting the distribution of Indoplanorbis and Lymnaea species in semi-arid and irrigated areas of Haryana, India. Parasite Epidemiology and Control, 1 (3). pp. 252-262.


Thomas, H. J. and Remnant, J. G. and Bollard, N. J. and Burrows, A. and Whay, H. R. and Bell, N. J. and Mason, C. and Huxley, J. N. (2016) Recovery of chronically lame dairy cows following treatment for claw horn lesions: a randomised controlled trial. VETERINARY RECORD, 178 (5). 116-U54.


Wathes, D C and Diskin, M G (2016) Reproduction, Events and Management: Mating Management: Fertility. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, pp. 1-11. ISBN 9780081005965

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