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Amthor, H and Egelhof, T and McKinnell, I and Ladd, M E and Janssen, I and Weber, J and Sinn, H and Schrenk, H H and Forsting, M and Voit, T and Straub, V (2004) Albumin targeting of damaged muscle fibres in the mdx mouse can be monitored by MRI. Neuromuscular Disorders, 14 (12). pp. 791-796.

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Dawuda, P M and Scaramuzzi, R J and Drew, S B and Biggadike, H and Laven, R A and Allison, R and Collins, C F and Wathes, D C (2004) The effect of a diet containing excess quickly degradable nitrogen (QDN) on reproductive and metabolic hormonal profiles of lactating dairy cows. ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE, 81 (3-4). pp. 195-208.

De Lorenzo, C and Arciello, A and Cozzolino, R and Palmer, D B and Laccetti, P and Piccoli, R and D'Alessio, G (2004) A fully human antitumor immunoRNase selective for ErbB-2-positive carcinomas. ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM, 64 (14). pp. 4870-4874.

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Moore, E H and Napolitano, M and Avella, M A and Bejta, F and Suckling, K E and Bravo, E and Botham, K M (2004) Protection of chylomicron remnants from oxidation by incorporation of probucol into the particles enhances their uptake by human macrophages and increases lipid accumulation in the cells. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY, 271 (12). pp. 2417-2427.

Munoz-Gutierrez, M and Blache, D and Martin, G B and Scaramuzzi, R J (2004) Ovarian follicular expression of mRNA encoding the type IIGF receptor and IGF-binding protein-2 in sheep following five days of nutritional supplementation with glucose, glucosamine or lupins. REPRODUCTION, 128 (6). pp. 747-756.


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